Going for Digital Memories

I will spend next week in Salzburg and attend Digital Memories conference. My paper titled "Dokdo Island Dispute: Korean Reconstruction of History and National Identity in User-Created Content Media" will introduce Korean cybernationalism, or, the way new user-created media such as YouTube are used for nationalist purposes. I will present my paper at Session 7: National Identity and Memory in the Digital Age on Thursday, March 19, 2009.

There are plenty of interesting conference papers available here. A few of them caught my eye:

Other papers include titles such as "The Global Unconscious and Globalised Memories in the Digital Age", "Can New Technologies Shape Metamemory?", "Memi, Building an Extension of Memory", "Rewriting Literary Past in Digital Age", "Digital Memories of High-Tech Tourists and Travelling Media". Check them out here.

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