Information about our next project on mobile technology, gender and development

The Academy of Finland has decided to fund our next four-year ICTD oriented research project lead by prof. Laura Stark and concentrating on mobile technology in developing countries of South Asia and Africa. As anthropologists and ethnologists are involved in the project culturally interesting issues such as power and gender will be emphasized along with interrelated areas like economic development and health.

I personally will start working on my part of the project in a year or so and focus on mobile technology in rural Tamil Nadu, South India. The area is familiar to me through my PhD research.

Read more about the project in the University of Jyväskylä news bulletin (in Finnish) here.


  1. Hi Jukka. This sounds very close to my own developing interest in conducting anthropological research on 'mobile livelihoods' in poor countries. Unfortunately I don't read Finnish. Could you say a bit more about your project, it looks very intriguing. Thanks!
    John Postill
    blog: media/anthropology

  2. Hello John! In this blog I have just written about our project in more detail. Take a look:

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