Humanity+ looking for a leader

Humanity + or the organization formerly known as World Transhumanist Association is looking for an executive director. The association "advocates the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities" and supports "the development of and access to new technologies that enable everyone to enjoy better minds, better bodies and better lives." In other words, they are after the cyborgization of humans. Which to me is just fine and exceedingly interesting as a technocultural phenomenon. In the end, their mission doesn't appear to be essentially different from, say, modern medicine or the visions for mobile communication technology.

It seems to me though that the transhumanists (also called posthumanists) have attracted somewhat negative publicity or at least they haven't always been taken so seriously (see e.g. article in Slate). Perhaps that's why they have changed the name of their association. My hunch is that people not familiar with the association see the prefix trans in transhumanism and think it has something to do with sex change or something else transgressive and crossing borders, which of course many people abhor. In addition to the uncomfortable connotations of the prefix, maybe transhumanists are seen as people who want to turn humans into robots or something else "unnatural".
Anyhow, my thumbs are up for the ventures of transhumanists and, despite the danger of making fun of Human+ association and their fascinating agenda, I would still like to present my picks for the job as the next director in charge of expanding human capacities with technology.

Picture sources: the cartoon picture by Mark Stamaty at Slate Magazine; Arnold Schwarzennegger's Terminator at Spiral Focus; Futurama's Bender at Pop Artuk; R2D2 and Kenny Bakes (the actor inside the droid) at Star Wars Movies; Al Gore at BBC News.

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  1. This is a funny way in order to show us that they need a good executive director, I think the sarcasm is really implicit in there, I like it so much.