Lecture: to be a citizen in u-Korea

Yesterday I gave a lecture for the Master's Program of Civil Society Studies at University of Jyväskylä. I talked about the role of the citizen in the South Korean ubiquitous society vision. See the slides here.

Brief points of the lecture:
  • Korea is a country of Big Projects: u-Korea is one of them
  • Technonationalism helps to create a positive spiral of enthusiasm to clear the path towards u-Korea
  • u-Korea vision is TOTAL, meaning that, at least in rhetoric, it changing the whole society in a revolutionary way
  • The emotional value and anthropomorphization of technology are unique to the Korean vision
  • Ethical discussion of the issues of intimacy, control and surveillance in u-Korea is almost non-existent - perhaps because Koreans see more value in the application of new technologies than fear the dangers of it

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